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About Us

Digital Media campaigns require reliable marketing tools from renowned brands. Our company developed several methods to create new social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media campaigns requires a strong network of virtual accounts, and we are a bulk Gmail email accounts and social media accounts provider.

How did we start?

Our competitors started the business to sell and reap profits from the services. However, our story is entirely different from the rest as we started several years ago. Our company did not design to sell accounts, and our primary aim was to serve ourselves with the services. We used the techniques of creating new accounts to feed our in-house projects. Time passed by and several older clients started demand for offering the services for a price. Later on, BulkAccountShop decided to go public selling, and that’s why our existence came to light.

Why are we different from the competitors?

Social media sites policies change quite frequently and it does impact the sign up process. Our knowledge in utilizing the cutting-edge technology enables us to create hundreds of accounts per day without violation of policies. Our experts keep an eye on the IT framework, so we can understand the new changes, and start developing a new way to create accounts.

Satisfaction is an important aspect for our company policy, and we do not disappoint he clients during and after the deal has taken place. Many accounts get deleted or banned over the period, and we replace such accounts. Our support team maintains the integrity and customer satisfaction at most.

Again, we remind the readers that our customer satisfaction is an important aspect. We have a dedicated customer support team for the clients and customers, so they can seek for assistance at anytime. The team led by an experienced consultant, so the answer ends up “YES, we can!” every time.

We conduct A – B testing on methodologies to ensure that the techniques are proving positive. Social media campaigns require email accounts, page accounts and other tools. Our company keen to provide sets required for a successful campaign. BulkAccountShop created accounts are recommended for boosting a post such as increasing Likes, Comments, Sharing, and Engagement.

Our Skills

A one-stop destination to buy Instagram Accounts, Twitter Accounts, Facebook accounts & Gmail accounts for various Social media platforms and email providers.

Strong Customer Care
Tested Accounts
Valid/Working Email Accounts
Replacement For Non-working Email Accounts