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Phone Verified Accounts market growth witnessed by millions of digital marketing experts. Many reputed companies such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple, etc. are preferring phone verification to sign up for a new account. Digital marketers often run A and B testing projects, which requires the support of premium services and accounts. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of sign-ups for one single phone number. Reputed companies applied the restriction to maintain the root cause of spam and increased scamming activities

Why Should You Buy PVA Facebook Accounts?

Facebook is a social media giant that bought out almost every competitor in the category excluding Twitter. I have used Facebook for several purposes, and no one can deny that the traffic clicks coming from the social media giant has a great value. FB underwent a great heat of policies violation by the Congress in the past, and the company is turning the tables against the advertisers and publishers.

Despite all the fuss, FB does add tremendous value to marketing, selling, generating leads, and increasing traffic. There are so many websites that have a tremendous number of clicks coming from FB are ranking faster on the Google search engine than generating backlinks.

1 Facebook is no longer accepting sign-up without mobile verification.

2 Millions of fan pages and brand pages are getting deleted under the policy violation.

3 The social media giant algorithm is no longer adding value to the organic traffic to sell advertisements.

4 Creating multiple accounts from one phone number has become a matter of issue for several experts in the field.

5 New companies are having a hard time promoting the product from Facebook due to the new policies.

Phone Verified Accounts does not have any limitations, and the social media companies do not have to go through signing up for a new account. The burden of providing a new number every time to create a new account eliminated in PVA accounts. By investing a few bucks on the services, you can achieve far greater results.

Now, where we should buy PVA Facebook accounts?

Bulk Account Shop is a website that offering a wide-range of PVA accounts for various portals. Customers can bulk order for PVA social media accounts without any limitations. The entire team of Bulk Account Shop verifies the accounts to ensure that it does not have any loopholes or limitations.

Customers can purchase 100 Facebook accounts for less than $60 and the BAS store quickly deliver the accounts in your arsenal. There are multiple options available for you, and you can purchase Facebook Accounts, Google mail Accounts, Twitter Accounts, YouTube Accounts, etc. for less than $100.

Remember, Bulk Account Shop does not hold any consequences occurred by the product or services whatsoever. You have to order for accounts at your own risk because no one is going to back up at the end of the day.

Benefits of PVA Facebook Accounts:

You might have questions in mind, whether to go for it or scrap the idea?! I can give the readers 1000 reasons to go for it, and you won’t regret the final decision.

1: Facebook modified the social media algorithm to discourage organic traffic so that they can sell paid advertisements. You can boost the organic traffic rankings by sharing & liking the post.

2: 100 FB accounts can easily boost social media sharing count, which is a PLUS point for ranking a keyword on search engines.

3: A quick way to get engagement on a post such as likes, shares, reactions, and comments.

4: It is an excellent way to grab attention from the popular pages, and I have seen a great response by implementing the idea.

5: In case, if the PVA no longer work smoothly, then Bulk Account Shop will replace the accounts immediately.

Customers can own 100 Facebook accounts for $30, and imagination is all you need to make the most of it. These accounts are ideal for enhancing your Facebook presence and overall engagement in the public eyes.


Your competition is already implementing the idea, and they are one-step ahead of you. A few bucks of investment on the table do not harm anyone, and this is perfect timing to begin a project to enhance engagement. Let us know what do you think about the PVA accounts in the comment section below.


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